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Atemporanea Guitar Quartet 


In over 10 years of artistic life, Atemporánea has been characterized by a young and fresh repertoire, as well as an excellent communication on the scene, making four guitars sounding like a true ensemble, and beyond, finding their own sound. Atemoranea has participated in classical-contemporary music festivals in Lima, Peru, Buenos Aires, Argentina, touring some of the mayor Argentinean cities such as La Plata and Mar del Plata, as well as appearing in many important music festivals in Colombia. Atemporanea´s agenda for the present year includes performances in Griona, Spain and  the participaton at the IX Compensar Guitar Festival, where they will share stage with world class classical guitarist such as Joaquin Clerch and Eduardo Fernandez among others.


Dialogues among sounds of world music, jazz and contemporary music inspire the spirit of this project. Playing on this sample: José Manuel Gaviria (Alto Sax), Felipe Rojas ( Bass), Santiago Anaya (Drums) and Leon Salcedo (Electric-acoustic Guitar). Music by Leon Salcedo.

Chamber Music 
Grupo Linaje  

Mr Slacedo worked as gutarist and musical arranger for Linaje group in the years 2006-2008. The group focused on the Chirimia music's journey from the Pacific coast of Colombia to the cities and  the blend of its sounds with different styles of with urban music. Songwriter Silverio Tony Sanz wrote his lyrics inspired in social and ethnic issues, he passed away tragically, but he left a legacy of overwhelming lyrics, like "Africa" in  this sample. With music by Leon Salcedo, this sample is part of the EP "Grupo Linaje", and was produced by Linaje group and Jaider Parra.

Leon Salcedo has formed many ensembles through his career. One of  his main projects had involved guitar and voice. He formed ensembles with Brazilian Soprano Lilly Abreu and Puerto Rican Tenor ex resident of Pittsburgh Opera Carlos Feliciano. These projects  focused ion the repertoire of Latin American classical composers. This sample is taken from a concert in Pittsburgh, PA to the benefit of the earthquake and  tsunami in Japan  victims in 2012. The  Aria from Bachians Brasileiras, is played in a trio arrangement, Join Mr are  soprano Lilly Abreu and cellist David Bennett.

Ensamble El Nuevo Páramo


Ensemble El Nuevo Páramo is a winner Project of the Institute of Culture of Pereira Prize in the Music Performing category in 2013. This ensemble was produced, conducted, and arranged by Mr Salcedo, and involved the participation of performers of traditional Colombian music who were not academically trained, together with conservatory musicians. This project was aimed at constructing identity and strengthening collective memory and social fabric through the exchange of knowledge between these two contrasted communities of musicians and their regular audience

Rojo Salento 

Rojo Salento  fuses classical composition with native folk and popular idioms of Colombia. This sample¨Buscando Raices¨ was  composed by Mr Salcedo and blends the traditional rhythm of bambuco with elements of contemporary languages and free improvisation.

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