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Leon Salcedo



Leon Salcedo has performed as a soloist and member of classical and jazz music groups in Colombia, Europe, and the United States. He has played at events and venues such as the XV Festival de Guitarra de Girona – Costa Brava in Spain, the Colombian National Museum, Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo, the Mellon Institute Auditorium, Pittsburgh Carnegie Hall, and the Deca Auditorium at the University of Aveiro in Portugal. He also has received awards and honors from Carnegie Mellon University, the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, District University of Bogotá, and the Institute of Culture of Pereira. 


His main teachers were Martn Pedreira in Cuba and Alejandro Montoya and Guillermo Bocanegra in Colombia. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Universidad Teconológica de Pereira and a Masters in Guitar Performance from Carnegie Mellon University, where he received a scholarship to study guitar with Professor James Ferla. León Salcedo is a Ph.D. (ABD) candidate at the Doctoral Program in Music at the University of Aveiro, where he has studied guitar with Professor Pedro Rodrigues.

Leon Salcedo has collaborated with renowned composers Leonardo Balada, Tulio Peramo and Alfredo Diez Nieto and premiered many solo and ensemble works by several composers in Latin America and United States. 

He has received several prizes and honors, including a scholarship and assistantship from Carnegie Mellon University and distinctions from Colombian organizations such as the Minister of Culture, and the Bogota Philharmonic.


As researcher he has participated in projects in a wide range of scopes, including music performance, music improvisation, Latin American music, artistic research, music public policies, music technology, curriculum development for popular music, and trans-disciplinary education.

Over the past twelve years, Leon Salcedo has taught at leading music schools, universities, and colleges, serving as staff and faculty members at Carnegie Mellon University, the District University of Bogota, the University of Cundinamarca, the Technological University of Pereira, and the Youth National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia School of Music. He is currently a faculty member at the District University of Bogota and the University of Cundinamarca in Colombia, where he teaches Classical Guitar, Ensembles and works as a researcher.

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